New Algorithms

New Algorithms

Base of the Algorithms

Any complicated or difficult work is done in a very simple manner. Algorithms have their own rules for that. Like — climbing a ladder, we reach the roof. In the same way, there are some steps to do any work. That work is done step by step.

Watch live example below

1. First of all, you put your debit and credit card in the ATM machine or it is installed.
2. Then enter the ATM pin
3. Then select the menu.
4. Such as deposit money
5. Withdrawal money
6. Mini statement
7. Pin change
8. Transfer money
9. Balance check
10. Generate PIN etc.

So you can understand that an algorithm has been used to withdraw money from ATMs only through debit card.

Algorithm work

“ Whenever any work is done so some of its rules and laws are made and according to the same rules and laws that work is completely completed. The process of this rule and law is called algorithm. Because the rule of is to step by step for any work.
I have already told that our life is also anin a way. Because in our life also we go according to planning and rules. Like — if we have to do a business, go on a foreign tour, go to someone’s wedding, do any online work etc. So all this is also the of our life.

It is also understood through a new example ⇣

1. I will first see when or what date I want to go to New York.

So you have seen how big a role Algorithm has in a flight booking.

The work of
Algorithms is to divide the difficult task into small parts and make it so simple. That there should be no problem for people to work and to understand the work for which the algorithm is designed.

Who made the algorithm

Algorithms are one such way to solve the difficult process. Which was made by two great mathematicians (Babylon and Egyptian).

i have explain in this article for what is and what is purpose of and how many types of Algorithms , how can do work of Algorithms.

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