Model View Controller (MVC) 2021

Model View Controller (MVC)

MVC (M = Model (Database we can say storage part ) , V = View ( Design or we can say Structure from any one thing) and C = Controller) Write logic from the user or we can say moving or run the code from the user or controller.

Model View Controller is a part from every server-side programming language. like Hibernate(ORM),Spring,Struts,JSF all those from java programming language and Django from python programming , React-Native , Node Js, Anderjs , ScotsbyJs these are full stack development

All high levels or all server-side programming language depend on MVC

i m telling you some server-side or full-stack development programming language here.

MVC in programming Language

1. Java = Hibernate(ORM),Struts, String, JSF, JMS and alos on.
2. Python = Django and flask
4. Full stack = Nodejs is part from linux, Ander-js, Angular-js, react-js, react-native-js, scotby-js, Gatsb-js, and also include with M= Mongo,E= Express, A= Angular and N= Node js — stack development .
5. .Net = Silverlight (WCF / WPF), Linque , entity framework 6. Web Services = API

Role of MVC

Due to the arrival of your So without any it used to take a within speed of working is big and your time is saved. If you want to make a website so you will first create a development file, then make a designing file and if there is connectivity with the database then you will make a connection. Otherwise, you will work without database.

few minutes and hours to create each file. Because it was not time MVC Technologies. Let us assume that it took me 1–2 hours to make all these files. But 30 minutes if we do the same work in , then all the work will be done .

Because it does not create a single file at the same time. While MVC is to prepare the whole package of all the files at the same time. This is the man difference in the MVC and without .

Let me explain this to you by an
example — Suppose you have a Honda city car. Now what is the use of in this car, I will now tell you step by step.

1. The design of the car or the structure of the car is that. Which we call View. 2. Now the driver of this car has become the driver or user who will drive it. Which we call Controller. 3. Now if there is no petrol, diesel or gas in the car then how will the car run. So the car has a fuel. That is the storage of this car which we call model.

Today of all the API that are being created or made in the world. the most important role is of MVC. which programming language .
it’s does’ not depend t he API is created on Because Dynamic API cannot be built without .

An API is a very sorted and simple user interface of any software or application.

In the same way all the work of is done in every programming language. And all the ways that web services also work on this MVC base.

I have explain in this article how can use model view controller () . How many type of . why are need for and what is scope of mvc and if you want to more details please read and watch for this article .

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